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As a small business owner I make sure I support my local community in various aspects, one of which is supporting these wonderful Artist’s.  Please come in a take a look of  what we have to offer – we have a huge and varied selection of wonderful creations to grace your home.

“On Midnight Rhumba, the immensely popular and renowned guitarist explores the allure of tasteful European and Latin American musical delicacies, as well as giving an impressive nod to the Caribbean island sound as he embraces reggae and calypso styles.Midnight Rhumba is exciting and infectious.”
~ TheSmoothJazzRide.com

“The music of Linstead is like a journey around the world. Johannes Linstead is an excellent guitarist. His lyrical melodies play over a rhythmic groove.”
~ Folk World, Home of European Music


The Photographer at Heart, Living Out Her Dream!

I’m a girl that reluctantly loves reality shows, tabloid websites, if you give me a bag of chips, don’t expect to get them back! I am a mother to two beautiful boys and a wife to a wonderful husband, and a photographer in my heart. I love weddings, and I love photography, so being a wedding photographer seems like it is written in the stars for me. How lucky am I that I get to do this for a living?

It sounds so cliché, but I’ve loved photography since I was a kid. I’ve photographed so many things over the years, but nothing compares to the adrenaline and pure joy that I feel when I shoot a wedding.


In the words of Rob Baker (The Tragically Hip) “Miss Emily is a truly gifted singer. Her voice is rich and soulful – she can slip from sweet and seductive to commanding and fierce and back again in the tradition of the finest blues and soul singers. And like those great and rare legendary talents she is well seasoned in the art of performance having paid more than her fair share of dues. Emily maintains a very high level of musicianship and integrity in everything she does.”

In 2011 Kingston, ON based ‘Miss Emily’ received accolades from Gene Simmons (KISS) & Matt Wells (MuchMoreMusic) and played to 25,000 people alongside The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts Band & The Trews in Bobcaygeon, ON. 2012 included some work on an upcoming album with producing contributions by The Tragically Hip’s Gord Sinclair, a great summer festival season and a spot on Canadian Pacific’s cross-country touring Holiday Train with Doc Walker.

After a year of re-organizing, Emily has released her fourth original full-length album ‘Rise’, featuring contributions by The Hip’s Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker, Chris Brown of Bourbon Tabernacle Choir and Eric Schenkman of Spin Doctors. ‘Rise’ is the first full-length album under the ‘Miss Emily’ moniker.


Stone jewelry is handcrafted by Denise Arsenault using sterling silver, nickel free antique brass and copper metals. Denise creates unique wearable art using these hand forged metals in combination with variety of semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls. Denise resides with her family in Kingston Ontario where she has been lovingly creating jewelry for over a decade.

Email: rdcz@sympatico.ca

Phone: 613-549-5320

Flowers represent happiness; their beauty energizes and comforts me.

With rich, vibrant colours and a free and open style, Janick’s paintings explore the wonders of nature, particularly the beauty of flowers.

She was born and raised in Laval, Quebec.  Under the tutelage of her father, Janick started oil painting at age 9 and by age 14 was exhibiting at the Foyer des Arts gallery in Montreal=s downtown Eaton store.  In 1986, she switched from oil painting to watercolours and subsequently studied with a number of well-known watercolour artists.

Janick has exhibited in galleries and art shows in Quebec, Ontario and New Mexico.

Her love of the out-of-doors is reflected in other aspects of her life.  She is an avid cross-country skier, hiker, cyclist and organic gardener, as well as a professional agrologist.


When asked about his history Mr Brick responded with a straight face that he was abandoned as an infant, taken in and raised by a pack of wild medieval rabbits. This unusual upbringing reflects in this artist’s eyes as he sculpts, stone, wood and mixed media into creatures from a world that lies just left of centre.
When asked to be more serious his response reached the other end of the spectrum
“My work reflects a didactic ascension into a downward spiral, metamorphasizing into a translucent solid of good vs evil and my fear of abandonment.”

When we asked for the TRUTH we found the real Jamie Brick.

“When I begin a piece, I rarely know ahead of time how or if it will turn out. I like to let a character evolve from the material that I am working with. If sometime during its creation, it makes me smile or sit back in wonder then I have succeeded. I hope that you like it!”

If you should take on the quest of seeking out Jamie’s studio, your journey will lead you along a narrow winding road weaving through the forest of Draper. The forest is a rough magical landscape. Legend has it that in the middle of the forest is a valley of white skin trees where Faeries still gather in gossamer gowns, their hair wild flower woven. Great wizards still practice ancient lore. At the end of the road near the edge of the map lies Bear Bottom Studio. Here in the forest Jamie lives with his wife Annette in a century old cabin nestled against the Lake of Draper. He invites you to visit the studio and walk through the lake side gardens or to sit by the lake and breath in the serenity.



Contact information:

Jamie Brick
e-mail brickjamie@aol.com
phone 613-353-1997
1029 Bear Bottom Lane
Perth Road Village ON

K0H 2L0