When asked about his history Mr Brick responded with a straight face that he was abandoned as an infant, taken in and raised by a pack of wild medieval rabbits. This unusual upbringing reflects in this artist’s eyes as he sculpts, stone, wood and mixed media into creatures from a world that lies just left of centre.
When asked to be more serious his response reached the other end of the spectrum
“My work reflects a didactic ascension into a downward spiral, metamorphasizing into a translucent solid of good vs evil and my fear of abandonment.”

When we asked for the TRUTH we found the real Jamie Brick.

“When I begin a piece, I rarely know ahead of time how or if it will turn out. I like to let a character evolve from the material that I am working with. If sometime during its creation, it makes me smile or sit back in wonder then I have succeeded. I hope that you like it!”

If you should take on the quest of seeking out Jamie’s studio, your journey will lead you along a narrow winding road weaving through the forest of Draper. The forest is a rough magical landscape. Legend has it that in the middle of the forest is a valley of white skin trees where Faeries still gather in gossamer gowns, their hair wild flower woven. Great wizards still practice ancient lore. At the end of the road near the edge of the map lies Bear Bottom Studio. Here in the forest Jamie lives with his wife Annette in a century old cabin nestled against the Lake of Draper. He invites you to visit the studio and walk through the lake side gardens or to sit by the lake and breath in the serenity.



Contact information:

Jamie Brick
e-mail brickjamie@aol.com
phone 613-353-1997
1029 Bear Bottom Lane
Perth Road Village ON

K0H 2L0